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Nu Skin Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Review

Since I was about 11 years old my skin has forever been breaking out, I've tried and tested so many products, been to dermatologists and even given microdermabrasion a try. I'm sure we all know or have at least been told that diet plays a huge part in how your skin can look too. Well let's just say I've gone to town on the fizzy drinks and over indulged far too much. It's time to get this under control!

I came across Nu Skin on Facebook, seen all the reviews and before & after photos and heard all the amazing stories. Eventually I decided to try out the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud. What did I think? Well first things first, make sure you shake your bottle before opening and also be careful when you do open it. Mines exploded all over my bathroom coating my lovely cream walls in marine mud so my relaxing time turned to crazy time pretty quickly. Cleaning done, deep breaths and I was ready to enter relaxation mode again. 

I applied this to cleansed skin and the mud literally glides on, it's not like other masks which can be thicker and you feel like your slapping cement mix on your face, it's quick and easy to apply. I didn't notice any scent either and some mud masks have made me feel a little queasy with the smell. As expected with a mud mask it goes on a dark green and dries to a pale green and of course it hardens so good bye facial expressions for the next 15/20 minutes. After having my feet up it was time to rinse this mask off. Another gold star for this product is that it wipes off fairly easy, just some wet cotton wool was needed, other masks I've used I have felt like I have needed to scrub off and I usually wake up in the morning and find huge parts of my face I have missed! My skin felt softer, tighter and much cleaner! I cannot wait to continue using this product weekly and only time will tell if I will get good results but I can say I'm pretty certain I will see some positive results!

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