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Hi everyone hope you are all well! First off can I just say thank you for visiting my blog, I am so grateful for every single view and I've become slightly obsessed with checking out where my viewers are in the world. Some of you have even started to check out my Instagram and even adding me on Snapchat which I just love.

I have had loads on recently, I've had to take sometime off work due to childcare issues which for any mother is a nightmare but hey these things happen! I decided not to let the situation stress me out but instead I am enjoying the extra time with Sophia... and enjoying the couple of hours she's in nursery for! Life with Sophia consists of being forced awake and I mean she actually pulls my eyelids open so I wake up stunned, her refusing breakfast because she wants outside naked with only her light up boots on so she can go on her bike. Eventually she gives up, we play then get ready for nursery where she then toddles off with not a second thought for me!

I then have 3 hours for myself! Now I always thought this would be "me time" but nope. I'm either in Tesco, cleaning the house or doing laundry! It's bliss when those couple of hours I can work on a makeup look for my blog or work on a post. Admittedly recent makeup looks I've been doing I've not loved so haven't posted. Like I said in a previous post I'm not a professional I just play around so it's very much trial & error! 

I have also been looking to get back into loosing weight. Another thing I've noticed that yoyo's now i'm a mother. After having Sophia I lost nearly 4 stone!!! But I've put it all back on through my own greediness. My fitness had improved so much and that is now non existent. I'm sure once I am back on track my motivation will slowly reappear.

Well there you have it!
My life from my mummy side. Full of highs & lows but proving to be one hell of a journey!

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