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01/09/16 shopping haul


So today I went shopping for some things for my DIY frames I am going to attempt to make for above my bed. I got all of that stuff but also found myself nipping into Outfit in Union Square, No idea how I got there all I know is I picked up a couple of pieces and then went on my merry way! May I add I was also childless, for those of you who don't have children yet, shopping child free is amazing. Doesn't matter if its your local shop, Tesco or clothes shopping, It's you time and its fabulous! I am so excited for the Autumn/Winter lines coming into stores. Summer wardrobes do me no favours, I look daft in floral prints, having a child has left my body in no way suitable for cropped tops, backless items and outfits with bits cut out here and there. Does anyone else have this issue!? I can't be the only person!

So imagine my delight when I see the window display has been updates, I see boots in the far distance and even the hint of some coats. Que me walking straight past all the sale items and into heaven.

Necklace | Topshop | £16.50

Burgundy Cord Pinafore Dress | Dorothy Perkins | £26,00

Khaki Long Line Blazer | Wallis | £40.00

Black 'Marina' Lace Up Boots | Dorothy Perkins | £35.00

Ivory V-Neck Body Suit | Dorothy Perkins | £12.00

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