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Sunday before & after!

To all the teenagers out there, anyone who has blemishes, insecurities and to those who have no idea what to do with makeup this is for you! This morning I was having a day where I felt I looked horrible, I have never been 100% happy with how I look makeup less, between breakouts and scarring mixed with an uneven skin tone my skin can drive me crazy. I started wearing makeup from a pretty young age, trying to figure out how to conceal those pesky blemishes. When I see photos from when I was younger and had no idea what I was doing I cringe!!! Slowly but surely I started to figure out how to work with my skin & features, but even to this day I can have some woops moments and have to start again. That's ok, there isn't a one look suites all, a one product that works for everyone and it can take time to figure out what does work & what doesn't work. I was always told that I would need "expensive" products to achieve my desired look! Yet to this day I use a mix of products. 

Just be yourself, go for it and embrace the cringe worthy old photos! Everybody has a stash of them tucked away somewhere. X

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