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Pink hair

You may or may not have noticed that I decided on a tiny bit of a hair change. I am an absolute nightmare for changing my hair, it has been long, it has been short, I've had it white, grey, blonde with pink and black, lilac, bright red and even a deep purple! I'm sure I've forgotten to throw in some other colours to that list. 

My hair obsession started pretty young! I then went on to work in a salon when I had just turned 15 and remained in salons for just over 2 years. This meant being used regularly as a model when stylists were continuing to develop their skills or even just being a guinea pig on quieter days to try out new looks and colours. I absolutely loved it! I still have a passion for hair 10 years on from my first day of working in a salon!

This passion soon leads to me getting creative, especially when I am bored. Off I popped to salon services with Sophia and my Mum in tow.  All I knew was that I wanted something bright and different. I got talking to the sales assistant and she mentioned some pastel colours  they had in stock, out came the colour chart and I was hooked. For the first time ever I used Ion semi-permanent pastels along with the Ion Peroxide Pastel Creme Developer 3% 10Vol. I pre-lightened my hair, my hair tends to lighten to a pretty white colour no matter what I am trying to lift out of my hair. I then mixed my pastel colour using a 1:1 ratio, working from root to tip covering my hair and left the dye on for 15 minutes although you can leave it on for less time to achieve a more pastel look.

My only warning for anyone who hasn't used colours similar to these is that they fade pretty quickly! Don't expect them to stay vibrant for long. I sometimes add some colour into my conditioner to boost the colour once a week. Also when your looking on things like pinterest alot of the times the colours are photoshopped or the photo has been taken right after leaving a salon. The lighting of wherever they have snapped that photo can make a huge difference too as you can see in my photos above! Overall I loved this hair dye, it was simple to use, it didnt turn my bathroom pink (been there done that before) and it does exactly as it says on the tin... or the box if you want to be picky.


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