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Happy birthday mini me!

I can't believe Sophia has turned 3! She is growing up so quickly and makes me so proud every day, even the days she has a diva strop over everything. What have I learnt in 3 years?

  1. It's ok to be lazy, can't be bothered getting out of those pjs? Own those pjs and enjoy every comfortable minute in them.
  2. Need a breather? Take one! Even if it's locking yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes, it's good for your sanity!
  3. Child free day? I always think I am going to do amazing things on child free days... Usually I sneak back into bed or binge on daytime television. Do what you want to do!
  4. Baby groups... I remember my health visitor handing me all these leaflets full of information on different groups I could take my squishy little newborn to. Did I feel like socialising? No! Did I want my socialising opportunities to be baby free? Yes! It's ok to do things that don't revolve around baby talk.
  5. Want wine? Want junk food? Still carrying some extra weight? This can be a tough time in life, enjoy that guilty pleasure once in a while. 
  6. Toddler tantrums. They happen everywhere. The supermarket seems to be a favourite location choice for the little people in your life. Those child free people just wondering around without a care in the world who shoot you a judgey look... Karma will get them one day.
  7. Stop comparing your child to others. They are an individual and will develop at different rates. Sophia can still only speak a few words and that's ok! I can tell she's healthy and happy. We are working on it and things won't happen over night! 
  8. Some days you will feel like all you have said is the word no. No don't eat that, no don't touch that, no don't do that. Then sometimes you feel bad like all you have done is tell your child off. Don't let it beat you up.  Mini you still loves you!
  9. Child running around naked? Crazy hair? Dirty face? This is normal. Life doesn't look like those Instagram accounts that show children perfectly accessorised and all perfect in a matching outfit. 
  10. Enjoy the experience, had a tough day? Let go of the negative and remind yourself about the positives. 

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