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UTAN & Tone review

It is finally time for me to do my UTAN & Tone review! Now I bought this tan back in late August I think it was? But never got round to tanning, past experiences with tan have taught me never use it when you have nice white bedding on or have things to do like running around after a toddler. So last Sunday I had a wedding and I needed a tan no matter what, I am whiter than Casper! Being pale I find tans can just make me bright orange (never a good look on anyone!) so I was being pretty brave testing this the night before a wedding, what is the worst that could happen?

I have both the turbo time controlled lotion which is £25.00 and the medium weekly self tan lotion which is £20.00. As I was staying with my sister and I didn't want to cover her house with tan I thought I would try the turbo time controlled lotion, that way I could wash it off before bed. Now I do not look glamorous whilst tanning, I have to stretch into the strangest of positions to make sure I am completely covered. I am all ready to go, but the tan won't come out! I stood for around 10 minutes just pushing the pump praying it would decided to share some tan with me but no. Now I did contact UTAN & they have suggested I bang the bottle off of a hard surface incase an air bubble is causing an issue with the pump but I haven't tried this yet. 

Thankfully and for some strange reason I had taken both lotions with me to Glasgow. I just had to tell  my sister I would be going to bed, wearing tan and would buy her some new bedding... it was the dreaded cream bedding! This tan was so easy to apply, it spread really well, it didn't have an overly strong tanning smell like many other brands on the market and my favourite thing was I didn't feel greasy or even like I had fake tan on! In the morning when I woke up the bedding was clean! Not a mark in sight! This was amazing, Finally a tan that doesn't ruin bed sheets or rub off on clothes! 

Colour wise I noticed a huge difference for my skin tone, it was a beautiful colour. Enough for people to notice I looked different but not to go "oh you've used fake tan!" Or crack the Casper/milk bottle jokes. 5 days on I still have some colour to me, it has of course faded as expected but it's faded evenly. I don't have any patchy bits and it's not gone scaley looking. I 100% recommend this tan to everyone. 

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