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October edit

I am feeling so guilty that I've not posted an update on my blog since October 9th! I was enjoying having time with Sophia as she was off nursery for her October holidays so we were doing lots of activities, visiting family and even enjoyed the odd day lounging around. So much has happened since I last posted. First thing I guess is that I handed my notice into work, I have mixed feeling about this. I worked in childcare but the hours no longer suited family life. I hunted high and low for someone to watch Sophia for a few hours per day but that search wasn't successful and myself & Bruce came to the conclusion that for what I earned per hour vs the price of childcare for Sophia it just wasn't worth it financially. I am seriously missing all the children I worked with, missing the adult company and the change of scenery! Don't get me wrong, the fact I get to spend more time with Sophia is brilliant but work was my tiny bit of independence and it's tough giving that up! I just have to make sure I don't loose my identity and keep motivated so I don't end up in a funk with myself. Now is the time to focus on my family and who knows that the future will hold!

The holidays have mainly involved visiting family, shopping, eating out and little adventures. One thing we did was visit a science center in Aberdeen called Satrosphere. Sophia had such a good time playing with all the interactive bits and pieces, I haven't been since I was a child so I got to release my inner child again and who doesn't love doing that!? We also got to go into this inflatable dome/tent where they project videos onto it. You lay back and it's like you are zooming through the stars and onto different planets. This had Sophia shouting "woooooow!" at the top of her voice and the smile on her face was priceless.

Also with Halloween coming up, which is my favorite time of year! I just love it! I got Sophia an adorable cat outfit, we have our pumpkins that I also bought colour changing led tea lights for some extra effect. I attempted to practice painting Sophia's face but it ended up with Sophia practicing on me. What could possibly go wrong when you let a 3 year old loose with face paints? I think we will stay in on Halloween, Sophia has been scared of some decorations so at least she can see trick or treaters and anything too scary we can quite easily avoid. Once she is in bed Bruce and I will get cosy with a horror film, nibbles and I might even treat myself to a cocktail or two!

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