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It's Face time

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in the past that my skin is my no.1 enemy. From a super young age my skin has constantly broken out, I'm also super pale like I could be mistaken for being related to Casper so redness and an uneven skin tone can be a big issue for me. To top it off my skin is also a combination although the older I get the oilier my skin seems to get... Great! I have it alllll going on and have long dreamed of having flawless skin. This also means I have tried my fair share of products. Each time I have been excited for the results, Sometimes I've been impressed but usually it's a huge let down. I decided to put a list together of skin care products I have tried and loved. Hopefully some of these products can help you out if you suffer from similar skin conditions to myself!

Dermalogica - Medibac Clearing  Skin Wash - £35.50

I first tried this cleanser in January and was impressed almost instantly. My skin at the time was in the middle of a huge flare up, it was red, sore and had angry lumps and bumps. I noticed a reduction in breakouts and my sore skin started to feel soothed, the only issue I did have was that over a period of time my skin started to feel too dry but it wasn't anything a change of moisturiser couldn't fix and was nowhere near as drying as other skin cleansers I have used that are aimed at people with oily skin prone to breakouts. 

Epoch - Glacial Marine Mud Mask - £17.71

This stuff is like a facial in a bottle! The Glacial Marine Mud Mask absorbs oil and helps draw out impurities. It's super satisfying seeing the darker areas as it dries showing you where it's done it's job. The Epoch mask also absorbs dead cells leaving your skin feel so soft & fresh. I find this can be messy to apply so I would recommend using a brush to apply this to your face. I also used it as a spot treatment when needed and noticed my spots were clearing up and my skin in general was less oily. I have heard of people using this on their bodies and even mixing some into their baths. This mask will not leave you disappointed.

Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser - £12.99
I purchased this moisturiser on a whim. I had ran out and was in Tesco when it caught my eye. My skin was super dull, dehydrated and like always... oily. I will scream this from the roof top, OILY SKIN NEEDS MOISTURISER TOO!  I love this product because it's super light, oil free and does it's job! Your skin feels really fresh after applying it and according to Neutrogena it locks in hydration and releases it when your skin needs it throughout the day. My skin is much more hydrated, softer and just looks healthier. I must admit I didn't expect great things but was left pleasantly surprised and I will 100% buy it again.

No7 - Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Face Exfoliator - £11.00

I'm pretty positive it was my sister that convinced me to try this exfoliator from Boots. I love a good exfoliator and this has great visible results. My skin was left softer and started to look fresher. I noticed some of my scarring was also becoming less visible. The only bad thing was my skin felt so smooth that I kept touching it and I try so hard not to touch my face but I just couldn't stop myself it felt that great! I still use this exfoliator and don't see me changing to another any time soon, 

STARSKIN - Red Carpet Ready Hydrating Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask - £8.50

Only recently have I started to like sheet masks. I hated them when I was younger because I just didn't feel pampered with a damp sheet slapped on my face but companies have really upped their game when it comes to sheet masks. Starskin say that this mask will help enhance the skins barrier so your skin will retain more moisture. I find this skin is really refreshing to use and I actually love using it before applying makeup for a special event. It's a none rinse mask so you massage any left over serum into your skin and you can even pop the mask in the fridge for an extra refreshing effect. This mask also got my mothers approval and she is a hard woman to impress so that has got to count for something!

Mario Badescu - Silver Powder - £11.50
I bought this back in January after reading about people using the Silver Powder for not only blackheads but also to dry spots out. You just mix it the powder with some water but be warned this is pretty strong stuff. I may have got a little carried away when applying this mask and my areas where I didn't have any spots or blackheads did get super dry. On the plus size my breakouts cleared up super quickly I just needed to be more precise with my application! I've used it a few times now and the tub although small looks untouched! This is the perfect emergency spot treatment for when you want them cleared up quickly.

I really hope some of these products help you combat your skin worries and I would love to know what products you love!

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